Building a town

by +AneMulligan @AneMulligan

I’m working on my next novel, In High Cotton. It takes place in very rural south Georgia, in a farm town community. It’s placed in 1929, and opens about a week before the stock market crash. I’ve got the main town layout for where my main character’s grocery store is and the other stores, but there aren’t a lot of them. It’s a 1-block town, basically. The town consists of the grocery, a dry goods store, a feed & seed store, a barber, a tiny newspaper, a saloon, jail and gas station. There’s a church/school and a couple of boarding houses. That’s pretty much it.

Trying to find photos of old towns that aren’t large bustling metropolises isn’t easy. But here are a few that all put together (parts of one and parts of another) are the inspiration for Rivers End. Most of the store owners have an apartment above their stores.

In the days to come, I’ll post more photos, showing my characters, the grocery, clothes, etc.

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