Flash Your Flare, Diva Darling

Oh, Ane. Thank you for letting me visit you and your readers. 

I’m Zula Hopkins. I like to consider myself a Renaissance Woman in the area of womanly pursuits. You see, I have kind of a natural gifting for putting together outfits, gardens, rooms, and meals. 

Today I’d like to share with your readers some of the top three tips I’ve learned in life. 

1) You don’t have to grow fussy flowers to be considered an excellent gardener or outdoor diva. Good grief. I know people who water their exotic flowers with tears for goodness sake and the darn things bloom for a day and they are beside themselves with joy. For crying out loud, if that’s your thing then do it but don’t get all superior and look down your readers at the rest of us who just dad-blamed love flowers and their explosion of color. Put in epic perennials and add to them yearly and throw in pops of color where you need them with annuals. And if you don’t feel like putting in annuals throw out some baskets with silks. No judgment people.  

2) Entertaining is about the attitude. If you just want people to have a good time you can whip up chips and dips and Arnold Palmers and have people naming your parties “Best Party Ever” One of my secrets is to add a homemade touch on the side. I always have a freshly made batch of Sweet Tea Sun Tea and lemons to throw together an Arnold Palmer that will make grown men weep. Or I love mixing ranch and sour cream or a bit of hummus together and tossing fresh chopped chives over the top for a dip that leaves people wondering and asking for more. I slice up potatoes with my mandolin and fry them crisp into homemade chips. So easy, so quick and you are “The Entertainer of the Year.” Desserts. Oh my. So many fun things. Whip up a brownie mix, add a handful or two of any chocolate chips, candy bits you have on hand and press sandwich cookies or chunks of candy bars in the batter before baking and you’ve got a signature dessert people will come to blows over. 

3) Personal flair is your signature. Who you are should be embraced. (Unless you have no style like Fern, my sister-in-law. Good grief I have to ride that woman like a horse to get her to let go of her boho blah.)

Rule 1. If a little color is good, then double that to make it great. Yellow polka dots burst into life when paired with a floral. Trust me on this! Do NOT fear mixing patterns and colors.

Rule 2. If something you slide on feels good and makes you smile you are going to rock it, no matter what anyone might snidely hint. Wear that Grace Kelly scarf with Audrey Hepburn sunglasses and a Jackie O tasteful skirt suit with Beyonce heels if that’s what rocks your world. You go, Girl.

Rule 3. If you have a style or signature go for it but make it YOURS. For example. Boho (loose, flowy, think hippie) can be beautiful. But try to think outside the box. Think beach boho every once in awhile instead of organic farmer work gear. Color and flash can even be worn while you are working. A little denim shirt over leggings certainly can be dolled up with jewelry of any sort or a snappy scarf. A little black dress with a simple strand of pearls can be just the ticket for a funeral. But a night out on the town screams for fuchsia accents and killer shoes so add a silk scarf or trade that dainty pearl necklace for a rhinestone monstrosity (Fern’s pet name for my jewelry collection, Bless her heart!) and add bangles and a cute little hat. 

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