I’m OFF to teach the wizard …

Well, not exactly. That’s probably a lie, but then I’m a novelist. I lie for a living, right? Actually, I’m excited about going to the BRMCWC, one of my favorite writers’ conferences. It’s in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, so the venue is inspirational. I love to share what I’ve learned, so I’m delighted to be teaching again.

My favorite topic is Lies & Motivation. When I learned about the Lie people believe about themselves, it shone a light on my characters’ motivations. Another thing I have learned is you can plot a book through their motivations.

The Lie someone believes about themselves colors their whole personality and their worldview. How could it not? There is nothing more rewarding (other than leading a soul to Christ) than seeing that light come on in another writer’s eyes. That moment when they suddenly see inside their character and understand what motivates them. That’s the moment when literary magic happens.

Now before y’all pitch a hissie fit over “magic,” the dictionary says in its definition, “supernatural.” For me, that means God. And Karen Ball said it best:

    If you’re a writer, I hope you’ve found that insight into your characters/ If not, leave me a message and we’ll talk.   

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