Puppy Love

Many of you who follow me on Facebook know sweet Oliver is gone. He crossed the rainbow bridge March 29th. As much as I wanted to wait before getting another dog, my husband felt the house was too quiet. He was so close to Ollie, he was lost without him. And so we now have the sweetest little potty, Seamus. He’s a little clown and so loving. He races to greet us each morning with sweet puppy kisses. I think God has put puppies on this earth to remind us of His unconditional love. And so I thought I’d show you the new addition to the Mulligan household.

This is the day we brought him home. He was about 18 pounds or so, and 10 weeks old. 


He’s a bright little fellow and quickly found the box of Ollie’s toys.

Hubs introduced Seamus to the azaleas, since he was so curious about them. I caught his reactions.

LOL He decided he wasn’t so crazy about them!

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