What Do You Do When Your Book Is Done?

You start a new one!

I’ve finished Love Is Sweeter In Sugar Hill, my Tiny House novella. It’s passed muster with a few changes from my CPs (critique partners) and my beta readers.

So now what? Another Southern-fried fiction for you! It’s onto In High Cotton. I’m very excited about this story, and thought I’d give you a peek at my cast. Those who follow my blog know I’m a visual writer. I need photos, so I gather them from hither and yon. Occasionally, I get a celebrity, and you’ll maybe recognize the photo of my heroine’s son, Barry, and a couple of others. I use the photos as my computer’s desktop during the writing.

There will be 3 books in this series, all with different casts. The books’ working titles are: In High Cotton, On Goose Island, and By the Sweet Gum. 

Here’s my cast for In High Cotton: It’s a screen shot)

Top left is Maggie Parker (my heroine), then Sadie (her friend and mentor), Duchess (Maggie’s sister). Bottom row: Pinkie (a girl they rescue), Faylene (Maggie’s mother-in-law), and Barry (Maggie’s son).

Here’s the back cover blurb:

While the rest of the world has been roaring through the 1920s, times are hardscrabble in rural Georgia. Widow Maggie Parker is barely surviving while raising her young son alone. Then as banks begin to fail, her father-in-law threatens to take her son and sell off her livelihood—the grocery store her husband left her. Can five Southern women band together, using their wisdom and wiles to stop him and survive the Great Depression?

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