What’s Your Passion?

by +AneMulligan @AneMulligan

I have two passions in my life: writing fiction and Community theatre. I’ve been quiet here because I’ve been truly building a fictional place … directing a play. It’s a wonderful one, written by some local playwrights, called Savannah Sipping Society. It celebrates women’s friendships and is hilarious. Four unlikely friends meet at a hot yoga gym. My cast is fantastic. They have a chemistry together that is magical. What directors look for in a cast. We open Sept 8th.

My husband and I have been doing a lot of the set. After the team built it, we have been adding siding. My dear friend, Vickie Sell, has joined Players Guild as our scene shop Governor. Her help is invaluable. All that is left to do now is paint the stage for on Friday so it looks like deck boards. Then on Tuesday, Vickie and I will dress the set. That means we will hang ivy all over the trellises and hang some art and other bits and pieces. 

Until the show is over, I won’t be around. I also go to my writers conference in September, right in the middle of the productions. I’ll only miss 1 show, though. 

In other news, I just signed a contract with Firefly Southern Fiction for a novella.It’s part of a collection and I’m quite pleased to be in it. The collection is called The South in All Seasons.

Here’s a shot of the set before we got all the siding on the house.

Just imagine all that trellis with ivy woven in and through it. And the rest of the siding on the flats.

I’ll post more photos when we’ve completed the set.

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